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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Routine or Not?

We all have that thing. That thing that we rely on for our sanity, our routine, something that helps our day go. Mine is coffee (with plenty of that frou-frou stuff). After being diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) I was bummed that coffee was on the no-no list. So I slowly reduced how much I was drinking every day. With that being said...I still drink it!

Anyway, here's the deal. Coffee peps me up for my day raising my son, studying, housework, errands or whatever else we have planned. I can make do without it but choose not to. I am sort of a sucker for routine. I have a way that I do things (from loading the dishwasher to cooking things a certain way) and I enjoy sticking with it. When my plans get messed up, I get ridiculously upset which I am not proud of. I feel horrible after reacting to a situation that doesn't go the way that I plan. Since being with my husband, who is not as big of a planner like I am, I've had to adapt. I am slowly getting better.

Routine isn't always bad. I believe routine is good when it comes to children. I was struggling with my son's sleep patterns around 6 months old. Finally one of my best friends suggested that I establish a routine and stick to it so I can get some good sleep. It worked! So now, I struggle with being "that mom" that wants to be home at a certain time so my son can get his bath, pjs on, stories read, bottle time and in bed that he is accustomed to. You win some, you lose some!

Do you have a routine that you stick to? Have you had to "let go" of your planning way? I would love to hear!