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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Gift of Protection

If you had asked me 5 or more years ago my thought on guns, I would've told you I was scared of them. I knew nothing about them and didn't want to touch them. When I lived alone, I had a baseball bat and some knives for defense. A lot has changed since then.

When I started dating my husband, I got to know more and more about guns. Hand guns, rifles, shotguns, accessories, etc. I started to become more comfortable with them and eventually shooting some. I really liked one of his guns and he basically said it was mine. I thought that was cool, but I still needed more education.

I ended up taking a concealed carry course with several members of our family earlier this year and PASSED! My dad now calls me a "pistol packing momma". Since passing the course, I knew I needed a smaller handgun to carry because my favorite one was a little big for me to feel comfortable with. With two small children in tow, I don't need extra baggage when I go somewhere.

So the hunt was on...until one day I found THE GUN. <3 Introducing, the Sig Sauer P238.
It is compact, light and fits great in my hand and pockets. My husband surprised me with it for Christmas this year. (He gave it to me early.) I was shocked and extremely happy. Fast forward a couple weeks to last Friday...

It's a beautiful day outside, my daughter is sleeping so I decide to take my son out to play. We were outside for maybe 10 minutes when a car with 3 men show up in my driveway. One gets out and starts yelling, "Hey!" and probably some other words, but I don't remember because I just knew something wasn't right. I picked up my son and started running into the house, locking all of the doors behind me.

We get inside, my son plays with the truck he managed to bring in with him and I start going to get my gun. In the meantime, the man who got out of the car said, "I can see you". Talk about really freaking a woman out. I was also on my phone trying to get a hold of my husband. Next time (hopefully there isn't one) I will be on the phone with the sheriff instead. I waved to the driver of the car through a window, telling them to leave. The man who was outside started to go around back, but got in the car and left.

I walked around with that gun the rest of the day after my husband gave me instructions over the phone. It was in safe mode of course, since children are around. My husband gave me a hands on course on the gun that evening because before then I didn't really know it well. I feel a lot more comfortable now with it and I'm grateful to have it. But I didn't feel this way completely, until I knew my gun well.

With that being said, I highly suggest all women to think about getting a gun or having some sort of defense plan for when and if situations, like mine, happen. The man could've easily tried to break down my door, bust a window open or worse. At the time I didn't have my gun ready and could've been a victim.

Ladies, do you have someone close to you that you could talk about guns with? Someone you can trust and can take you somewhere to get a feel for them? Have you ever walked into a gun shop? You should! Go feel some. Ask them about concealed carry courses. Think about what you can do to defend yourself and family, if you have one. Ask me any questions you'd like! I'd be happy to help!