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About Me

I am so glad you dropped by! Here's a little more about me...I am first off a wife to a handsome, funny and hard working man who I adore more every day. Last year we brought our first child into this world. He lights up my life and has cheeks I could just kiss all day long. We live in Kansas. My husband talked me into moving up here (didn't take much) from Oklahoma. The moment I visited Kansas for the first time while we were dating, I was hooked. I left family and many great friends in OK that I miss dearly. Last year my husband and I bought our dream home that has a neat old red barn that I like to photograph. I worked until little man was born and then my journey as a stay-at-home mom began. It was scary at first, is sometimes frustrating but very rewarding to say the least. I am incredibly grateful for this life that I have and who I share it with. Here you'll read about my adventures in life, see photographs of what I love and get the scoop on new recipes that have been approved at our house. Thanks for reading!

More about me...
  • I love to laugh and it's quite easy to do
  • I am addicted to tattoos
  • Music is therapy for me
  • If you mess with my family - you have another thing coming to you
  • I'm a redhead and yes, I have a temper
  • I enjoy making others happy
  • I am sort of introverted but enjoy making new friends
  • I am a little OCD when it comes to habits
  • My chocolate chip cookies are a family/friend favorite
  • I am pre-diabetic with PCOS and body likes to make things a little difficult :)
  • I've been mostly eating Paleo since 2016
  • I sell Scentsy and Perfectly Posh

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