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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away

For so many people, rain is a great thing. And to an extent, it is. But too much of it, can be a bad thing for those of us that depend on dirt roads to make a living. I am sure the farmers are ecstatic that their crops are getting the much deserved drink they need to grow healthy. But for the oil field workers - in particular, the tanker truck drivers - it is not good at all.

Our house is located a little over a mile off of the nearest highway. If my husband can get to the highway that's great but then he has to worry about getting into leases to load and unload the oil. The roads to the leases are dirt, not necessarily well maintained and all it takes is one or two good rains to make it impossible to get in and out of. It's been raining for forever days.

The time my son and I get with my husband is wonderful but our bank account is depleting. I'm not going to lie that I am a little worried but I am trying to have faith that everything will go back to normal. This makes me realize how uneasy it must be for farmers to have to depend on the weather to ensure a good season or not. I am not a fan!

Luckily, we are not completely confined to the house. We have 4 wheel drive vehicles that get us to where we need to go with a little sweat from gripping the wheel as we slip and slide. So until it dries up and everyone starts talking about the drought again, I am using this time to catch up on family time, school work and preparing for upcoming events that are sure to be fun.

Have you been effected by the weather?

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