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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Why I Love It Here {Western Kansas}

There's something different about this place and I enjoy it very much. The atmosphere, the people, the way of's just nice. Maybe I like it so much because I'm not from here? Maybe because I've lived in the city so I have that point of view as well. Either way, I want to share why I love Western Kansas so much!

Do these even need captions? Seriously. I think the land here is naturally beautiful. Yes, of course, I love city lights but being able to see this scenery by day and the bright stars by night is pretty awesome.

One with the land. It is so neat to see crops being grown around my house and watch this place get busy when it's harvest time. The oil industry also keeps our area busy - most of the time.

People know your name. So, I guess this can sometimes be bad especially for people up to no good, but honestly, it's kind of cool when you randomly meet people and they ask your name and realize they know your family.

I don't have to dress to impress. It is very laid back here. People are way too busy outside, sweating like nobody's business to even worry about slapping their face on. My husband loves me and says that I'm beautiful without "that stuff on my face", but I love not having to wear "that stuff" to run errands. I'm sure I could do this anywhere but here, it is not expected and I'm down with that!

Events are a big deal. We are not close to any big event venues so we don't get too excited about huge concert tours but when the County Fair or Old Settlers Reunion is going that we get excited about!...It's the little things.

Small town USA. When we lived in town, I worked at a local fuel/automotive shop. It is sort of like one of those you see in the movies. The old men gather in the mornings with a cup of coffee, talking about equipment or plans for the day. Did you know that places around here still have tabs? AND they take checks too! I couldn't believe it when my husband said, just write it down or tell them to put it on my tab, when we grabbed food at the shop or bar. I guess it's ok because everyone knows where we live (and knows our family). Another good thing about living in a rural area is that when you are in need, there is usually someone who can help you out. I am still trying to get used to borrowing things from people for just a bottle of booze, a meal or a hand shake - knowing that you'll return the favor one day.

What do you love about where you live? Is it similar to Western Kansas?

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