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Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Paleo(ish) Experience

So I'm eating Paleo(ish) now. I'm sure you've heard of the Paleo diet before. If not, it's basically eating like a caveman. I call it Paleo(ish) because I'm not eating a 100% Paleo diet. Unless I lived alone and tracked every single morsel of food that's in my home or surrounding, being basically obsessed with it, could I be. That's okay. I don't really want to be 100%. But here's the scoop on it so far.

My husband and I started this new lifestyle (him being a veteran of it already) a couple of weeks ago. You basically cut out processed food, breads and dairy (which I'm still drinking my milk by the way). It's exactly the type of lifestyle I should be living anyway with PCOS and Pre-diabetes.

I've felt great since a few days after I started. Yes, I've gotten hungry sometimes but that's because I didn't have a prepared snack ready to go. It takes some preparation and a strong will to do this, but I promise it is SO worth it. I would say the hardest thing is when I leave the house. There are a couple days a week that I don't eat that much strictly "paleo" foods which is alright as long as I stick to it in the long run.

I've already loss close to 8 pounds. That's HUGE to me.

A plus side to Paleo - YOU CAN STILL EAT CHOCOLATE AND DRINK WINE. (In limited quantities)

Dark chocolate and red wine. Right up my alley.

So that's all I really have so far. Here's a list of foods I eat regularly:

- Spinach
- Eggs
- Veggies
- Fruits
- Sunflower Seeds (since I'm allergic to tree nuts)
- Coffee/Tea
- Bacon
- Sausage
- Beef
- Chicken
- Fish
- Dark Chocolate

I also take a Prenatal Vitamin, Cinnamon Supplement, Magnesium Supplement and Chromium Supplement to help with my blood sugar and metabolism.

If you're thinking about it or want to talk about it, let me know! I'll be happy to help!

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- Kelley

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  1. Great news on the weight loss. That's super that you are feeling good on the plan too. I do a Paleo-ish diet too. Mine is like paleo but a little more strict. I think once I'm done with my detox I'll be able to stick with a paleo diet easily. I've lost 26 pounds so far in a couple of months. Keep up the great work. Thanks for linking up with us at the best of the blogosphere! We'd love to have you back this week with a new post to share!